Tonka Ricochet

Tonka from Hasbro is an American toy company most known for its signature toy trucks and construction equipment. In 1947, the first Tonka brand toy trucks were actually designed and manufactured by the Mound Metalcraft Company, a small garden toll manufacturer operating from a small schoolhouse basement in Minnesota. In their first year of operation, a staff of only a half dozen people produced a total of 37,000 metal trucks with two designs. This inventory sold out in just a few months as many post-World War II families quickly accepted this new toy. In 2010 Tonka continue their success with the Ricochet RC Vehicle and Ricochet R/C Replay in 2011.

This unique and fun radio Tonka Ricochet control vehicle can race around the floor and has the ability to flip from one side to the other to create impressive stunts. It doesn't even need to slow down when it flips over! To keep things interesting for kids, the car transform from a low lying vehicle to a formidable monster truck because it equipped  with a Monster Lift Suspension to raise it up, or it can be driven low to the ground. This means that it can be used over all kinds of terrain, including grass, rocks, curbs and any other obstacles in its path!

Tonka Ricochet Overview

Tonka Ricochet RC Vehicle is different form traditional remote controlled cars that can only turn the front wheels, the Ricochet can twist like a snake. This gives it superb handling and a tight turning radius. The even weight distribution and low center of gravity make it a sturdy choice for rough terrain. The makers of the Ricochet realize that most children will flip the car over at some point. That is not an issue here since the car is designed to right itself after powering on.

To power the R/C vehicle, simply place it back into the charger at the end of playing - the charge lasts for around 15 minutes each time. The controller itself is designed to be long range, making it easier to operate further away without losing any contact - and it's designed with a flexible antenna to ensure durability.

Tonka Ricochet RC Vehicle runs in two configurations. When it is flat it zooms back and forth and sort of twists to turn left and right in an organic, twisting motion that is actually kind of creepy. When it is in suspension mode its more like a monster truck and is a little less maneuverable. The remote control, powered by one 9 volt battery, is nicely designed and, as we discovered, the soft wire antenna will not shatter a rear-projection TV screen if a toddler begins smacking the two together.

Tonka Ricochet RC Vechicle Features and Specifications:
  • Dimensions of the Tonka Ricochet Vehicle is 5.2 x 19.9 x 14.2 inches.
  • Assembled vehicle weighs approximately 6.4 pounds.
  • Top speed: ~10mph (est.)
  • Radio: 27mhz with tri-band
  • Controller: Includes 9V battery. Vehicle: Includes on 9.6V rechargeable battery.
  • Primary use: Outdoors
  • Recommended  for 8 years and up
  • Manual Instruction

Tonka Ricochet RC Reply ( TONKA XT RICHOCHET STUNT PRO) is fast, rugged, and delivers all the toughness TONKA trucks offer. It will gives you the unique ability to save your favorite stunt moves, so you can replay time and again. Simply press record before performing a move, then use the Save Button when you perform a stunt you want to keep and the remote control saves it! Then press the replay button, and the vehicle will take off and repeat the same exact move. Save your best tricks, and show them off to friends and family.

This Vehicle is two-sided, so you can drive it, flip it, and keep racing. The vehicle can easily maneuver around the room, so you can perform wicked flips It boasts all the toughness TONKA trucks have come to be known for. The huge oversized tires can roll over dirt and grass, while its resilient chassis makes sure this RC vehicle keeps truckin'.

Tonka XT Richochet Specification :
  • Dimensions : 5.2 (L) x 19.9 (W) x 14.2 (H) inches
  • 1 rechargeable 9.6V battery
  • Comes with controller, battery charger, and wall adapter
  • Require 3 AAA batteries

Tonka Ricochet RC Review

Both of this Tonka Ricochet is one of the most  favorite RC Cars on market currently, there are always have Pro and Cons such:

- Overall great value for the price.
- Rugged design - it won't crack under average rough use.
- One-button "flip-over" recovery (only one direction)
- Rubber antenna - much safer around kids than a telescoping metal antenna.

- Battery cover requires screwdriver - a pass-thru charging port would've been great.
- Battery compartment is too tight for the 3rd party battery Amazon offers as an accessory.
- Low ground clearance. If the tires were a bit bigger, it wouldn't scrape the ground as often.
- Tires should be thicker/softer/'grippier'. (minor aesthetic gripe)

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